A green and liberal alternative

Looking to the future

Venstre is a liberal, social and including party. We belong in the center of Norwegian politics. Our politic ideas are based on freedom for the individuals and responsibility for the community. The systems we create, should safeguard of the individual citizen.

We shall not live and consume at the expense of future generations. We will be drivers to ensure a good upbringing for all children and adolescents, developing good welfare arrangements for all age groups, working for the green environmental change in business and for a tidy working life with little degree of temporary and involuntary part time.

We believe public cooperation with private, nonprofit and volunteer actors ensures innovation and diversity

Our four core issues:


Children and young people should have a safe and inclusive adolescence in Skien. This is the starting point to master life and become an active and engaged citizen. Skien Venstre believe this is the best investment we as a society can do.

Therefore Skien Venstre wants a greater propotion of the municipality’s total resources to be assigned to this sector.



In order to reach adopted climate goals, Skien must take its part of the job. This work includes reduction in transport emissions. This can be done by smart urban development.

Therefore Skien Venstre wants to get an city-board agreement with the Government to achieve State resources to implement necessary actions.



A realignment capable and innovative business needs to to maintain and develop the welfare community.

Therefore Skien Venstre wants general and functioning framework for all parts of the business.


We are all different and have our ups and downs in life. Basis for good public health is established outside health care.

Therefore Skien Venstre wants to prioritize preventive health. A well-functioning kindergarten and school, an including working life and participation in culture, sports and outdoor activities are measures of significant importance to public health.