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Guri Melby
Leader/president of Venstre

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Venstre stands for freedom. Individuals must possess the autonomy to exercise their own choices and lead their lives in accordance with personal preferences, all while ensuring no harm is inflicted upon others. This principle is foundational to fostering fulfilling lives, particularly within an ever-growing and diverse society.

Vote for a school that motivates children and young people to learn, for climate and nature, and for a future-oriented business.

Guri Melby

Our most important cause is to confront the climate and environmental crisis. Everyone must contribute, including municipalities and county councils. As we witness the urgency, the current government has paused on climate action, causing us to trail behind. Norway must take swift action, reducing emissions and preserving nature.

In the face of upcoming challenges such as the climate crisis, maintaining a strong welfare state, and ensuring quality elderly care, knowledge and innovation are indispensable. As we anticipate a decline in oil revenues, the exact alternatives remain uncertain, but we recognize the indispensable role of knowledge. Hence, Prioritizing education is crucial, alongside strategic investments in the business sector.

Knowledge propels Norway into the future, but we must remain vigilant as democracy faces threats worldwide. It’s astonishing how recent events, like Russia’s war in Europe and the election of a democracy-disregarding US president, were once unthinkable. To safeguard democracy, we must foster independent and knowledgeable individuals.

Choose Venstre, for an inspiring education system, environmental stewardship, and a forward-looking business sector.

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The Liberal party (Venstre) is a social liberal party and Norway’s oldest political party. Our policy combines personal freedom with responsibilty for the community and each other. We want our children and grandchildren to live in a world that is even better than today.

The party has enacted reforms such as parliamentarismfreedom of religionuniversal suffrage and state schooling.

Liberal policy is made with the individual at heart. We crave fair solutions that would bring freedom to everyone.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use their abilities to the best for themselves and the society.

The Liberal party (Venstre) is a member of Liberal International (the political international federation for liberal political parties) and ALDE (The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe )