English – 2011

A short introduction in English.

**OBS! Denne artikkelen ble første gang publisert for 13 år siden.**

Less traffic congestion — Better air quality
You deserve to breathe fresh air. We cannot have a situation where some people have to stay indoors because it is too dangerous for them to go out. Venstre will take responsibility for your health and the environment; in order to achieve clean air in Bergen, Venstre will introduce a rush hour surcharge.

If it is more expensive to drive in the rush hour than at other times of day, the traffic will thin out and the roads become less congested. Better traffic flow is good for the city’s air, good for the environment and good for the economy. A vote for Venstre is a vote for less congestion and better air.

More buss and Bybane — Less congestion
The bus services in Bergen must be improved. We want it to be just as easy for you to get to work, to school or a night out by bus as by car. This means beginning to take the quality of our bus services seriously. More bus and light rail is Venstre’s number-one priority.

Venstre wants Bybanen (Bergen Light Rail) to be extended to every part of the city. This will give the city a robust backbone of rail transport. It will make Bergen a proper European city, a green city, and Venstre is proud of having fought for it all the way. Now we need to expand the Bybanen. A vote for Venstre is a vote for less taffic congestion and more bus and light rail.

Less congestion — More wealth creation
Congested roads cost Bergen people a lot of time and also a lot of money. Bergen companies have a lot to gain from easier movement. Good traffic flow gives us more secure workplaces and a more competitive business community.

Venstre wants commuters to switch to buses and light rail. The roads should to a greater extent be reserved for local business traffic and people who have business locally. We must invest in a modern and forward-looking infrastructure — for car, boat, bus and rail alike. A vote for Venstre is a vote for less congestion and more wealth creation.

A good place to grow up — Less drugs
A city can be made a good place for children and youngsters to grow up through close collaboration between the city council and positive forces in the local community. This is the best long-term protection against the problems of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Good prevention work depends on a competent child-protection and juvenile-psychiatry service, and secure living conditions for everybody. Venstre will base all work with children and young people on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In this way we can give the next generation the security they need. A vote for Venstre is a vote for less drugs and a better place for our children to grow up.

Better treatment — Less drugs

Venstre will put a stop to the criminal abuse of Nygårdsparken. Addicts are our fellow-citizens and need help to live a better life. We therefore need to try something radically new in drugs policy.

Bergen must be a pilot project for heroin-assisted treatment and decriminalisation of drugs use among hard-core addicts. Faster follow-up is also important. We must achieve a low-threshold service with a non-bureaucratic distribution of methadone and subutex. A vote for Venstre is a vote for less drugs and better treatment.

**OBS! Denne artikkelen ble første gang publisert for 13 år siden.**