Local elections in Norway

On the 9th of September there are municipal and regional elections in Norway. If you have been resident in Norway for the past three years, you have the right to vote.

Venstre is the liberal party in Norway. Our policies combine personal freedom with responsibility for the community and each other. We are always looking for ways to improve our society because we believe better is always possible.

Lillestrøm topp tre Schools and kindergartens

  • Siblings should be allowed to go in the same kindergarten
  • Better quality in SFO
  • Good community schools
  • Voluntary summer school
  • Better health care for children

Smart and sustainable

  • Faster and better buses and trains
  • Lower fares
  • More bicycle paths and pavements
  • Good animal welfare
  • More parks and recreational areas

Culture and sports

  • New library in Lillestrøm city
  • Take care of historical buildings
  • Free use of sports arenas for children and youngsters
  • After-school activities for everyone
  • New 50-meter swimming pool

Business and innovation

  • More entrepreneurs
  • Less bureaucracy
  • Move NRK and the Police Academy to Lillestrøm
  • Green technology
  • Allow shop owners to decide their own opening hours