Let’s move forward – together


Venstre stands for freedom.

Individuals must possess the autonomy to exercise their own choices and lead their lives in accordance with personal preferences, all while ensuring no harm is inflicted upon others. This principle is foundational to fostering fulfilling lives, particularly within an ever-growing and diverse society.

Bodø Venstre is the liberal party of Bodø. We want people from all around the world to move to Bodø, and to become a Bodøværing. The more Bodøværinger in the world – the better. But we also have to take good care of our new citizens – and the old ones. Therefore, these are our most important causes this election:

School: Vote for a school with enough teachers and resources, that motivates children and young people to learn.

Climate and nature: We have to confront the climate and environmental crisis. We must reduce emissions and preserve nature.

Safer and more humane drug policies: Vote for a drug policy that provides help and safety – not shame and punishment.

Culture, sports and volunteers: We support all the volunteers, the NGOs, the clubs, sports and the cultural life that make Bodø a place to enjoy. Diversity is a value we treasure.

Elderly care and health: Our goal is that everybody who needs help and care, shall get it – when they need it. Both private and non-profit organizations should be aloud to provide services as a supplement. But it is important that everyone has the same right to get healthcare when they need it.

Cooperation and partnerships: We have to cooperate to reachs our goals. Let’s move forward – together.

Choose Venstre, for an inspiring education system, environmental stewardship, and a forward-looking business sector.