Putting People First

People are more important than systems. Society is developed through investing in people. That is why Venstre is putting people first.
We have made our election information available in English. We hope this will be helpful to all of our English-speaking inhabitants in Rogaland.

Venstre aims to give students the best opportunities for fulfilling their plans for the future. We want schools where there is time to see each individual student and where there are high quality books and equipment.

Venstre will make public transport a viable alternative for people in Rogaland. We want more frequent services, more new routes and low prices. We see this as environmental policy in practice.

Opening up new business sectors is crucial to our economic future. Venstre will therefore make it easy and attractive to create new jobs in Rogaland.


Promote education.

Venstre wants high quality schools, where pupils feel happy and achieve results. Good teachers are the most important factor for good schools. Then we get schools that give equal opportunities to all.

Pupils should be seen, encouraged and get education according to their abilities. That’s why Ventre will let teachers teach, and give them opportunities for professional development.

Make green choices.

It should be easiest and cheapest to choose the environmental friendly option. Venstre will protect nature to secure a clean future for coming generations.

Better public transport.

Traffic congestion is increasing in Rogaland, while the proportion of people using public transport is falling. Venstre will boost bus and rail transport.

New jobs.

Venstre will encourage businesses which create wealth and green growth. International reports now show that Norway scores unnecessarily badly on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The graphs are pointing the wrong way. Venstre will focus more on wealth creation and innovation.

Rogaland needs new jobs for a new era. Venstre will help create them.