Putting people first

Foto: Sjur Vammervold

Venstre is Oppdals only liberal party. On this page you’ll find information about history, ideology and our standings on local issues.

**OBS! Denne artikkelen ble første gang publisert for 8 år siden.**

National History

Venstre is Norway’s oldest political party, founded on 28th January 1884. Johan Sverdrup, Venstre’s first party leader, is generally given the credit for introducing the parliamentary system in Norway.

Venstre is based on the liberal ideology. Social liberalism emerged in the nineteenth century with the demands of social justice and real freedom for all. When Venstre was established in 1884, freedom for the individual and responsibility for each other was at the core of liberalism. Venstre fought political battles to achieve greater freedom of religion, to introduce the jury system in courts and to extend voting rights.

Throughout its history, Venstre has been responsible for major social reforms, such as state schooling, freedom of religion, universal suffrage and gender equality. The biggest social reform of the twentieth century, national insurance, was introduced in 1967 using Venstre’s model.

Ideology and local principles

Venstre is Norway’s social liberal party. A liberal policy is the best opportunity to solve the challenges of the future. Venstre prioritises education, environment, small business and welfare. Further on, Venstre focuses on freedom and responsibility for each individual. We believe people are more important than systems and that societies are developed by investing in people. That is why Venstre puts people first. We have faith and belief in that the individual can take responsibility for its own actions, and that functioning societies consists of responsible individuals caring for those least favoured.

Our focus is to provide the best possible services to our citizens. Justice is not to give everyone the same treatment, but to care about those who need it the most. Oppdal Venstre is the party who:

  • Care about the least favoured in the society
  • Ask the critical questions to the establishment, and always ask ourselves if there is something we can do better
  • Is open to new ideas. This makes us future-minded and innovating
  • Values open-mindedness, predictability and trustworthiness in the government.

Local issues

Schools and education

Every student is different and deserves a safe childhood without experiencing bullying. Oppdal Venstre wants a school that provides equal opportunities for all students and teachers who have the right tools and resources to see each student individually. In order to stimulate to entrepenurship and innovation, entrepeneurship should be a part of childrens education. We also want children to be able to go on elementary school in their local community without travelling long distances.

Urban development

Oppdal Venstre desires a greener city centre that represent Oppdals many identities and provides arenas where attractive social spots and trade interests are united. This requires a city centre that is just as easy to travel by bike or walk, as it is to drive by car. Safety and wellbeing for the children, elderly and the disabled must be improved. Free wi-fi should be a common good.

Entrepeneurship and small businesses

Work and income is the foundation of our society, and we must make sure that the workforce has enough and right competense. Venstre focuses on the small and medium sized businesses and will work towards up-to-date business policies. This means focusing on entrepeunership and enhancing the environmental insentives for the businesses. We want to stimulate the business sector to facilitate new jobs while we protect the existing in a green and environmental way.


The sick and elderly should have the best healthcare we can provide. Venstre wishes to gather all healthcare-related offices in Oppdal to one location, to enhance the expertise and co-operation. Further on, we want to focus on improving the care for cancer pasients and people with drug issues. We also want St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim to be the hospital Oppdals inhabitants are sent to when needed.

Environment and nature conservation

It should be easiest and cheapest to choose the environmentally friendly option. Venstre will protect the great biodiversity Oppdal consists of to secure a clean future for coming generations. Our natural resources should be faciliated for sustainable farming and recreation.

Local activity

Oppdal Venstre is an active political party that is growing by the year, from only one delegate in the local parliament in 2007-2011, having a total of four delegates in the period of 2015-2019 with the support of 16,4% voters. In the current period we have three delegates.

Whenever there is a meeting in the local parliament, we have group meetings every monday at 19:30 in the town hall prior to the meeting. These meetings are announced on our Facebook page and on our website calendar (english) and are of course open to everyone interested. Welcome!

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding who we are, what we stand for, how you can join or anything else. For further information in english on ideology, history and national issues, visit the national party site: Venstre in english

Venstre prioritizes education, environment, small business and welfare.

**OBS! Denne artikkelen ble første gang publisert for 8 år siden.**