Vote Venstre for freedom and opportunities

Vote Venstre for the climate and nature

We are the first generations to experience climate change. And the last ones who can stop it. Venstre wants to create a better future by cutting emissions and protecting nature.

That is why we have:

  • Ensured that Norway’s greenhouse gas emissions are at their lowest in 27 years

  • Protected Lofoten, Vesterålen, Senja and other vulnerable areas from oil exploration

  • Secured a ban on fur farming

We will:

  • Stop further oil exploration in the Norwegian sea

  • Make it more expensive to pollute and cheaper to make green choices

  • Protect more nature and keep the sea clean from garbage

  • Prioritize better and cheaper bus, tram and rail, and expand the pace of bicycle road development

  • Support green energy, such as offshore wind and solar power

  • Build more CO2 capture plants

This is the time we decide what kind of world future generations will live in.

Ola Elvestuen, candidate for Parliament

Vote Venstre for better schools

Accessible education is the most important way to ensure equal opportunities for all. Teachers should be given time and resources to follow up each individual student, so that the students thrive and learn more.

That is why we have:

  • Introduced free kindergarten for children from low income families

  • Delivered a record number of teachers further education

  • Introduced an extra month of student grant in higher education

We will:

  • Allocate more money to the Oslo School

  • Provide free after-school program (AKS) and expand the scheme with free kindergarten

  • Hire more school nurses and psychologists

  • Safeguard free choice of secondary school

  • Increase the student grant considerably and build more student housing

No students are alike, but everyone should have equal opportunities.

Guri Melby, candidate for Parliament og party leader for Venstre

Vote Venstre for jobs of the future

A thriving business community is important in itself, but also crucial for maintaining our welfare. We want to provide the business community with good framework conditions, and a tax system that makes it as easy as possible to create jobs and succeed with your own company.

We will:

  • Protect the EEA agreement and eventually become a member of the EU

  • Invest public capital in small businesses

  • Reduce taxes on income and value creation

  • Simplify regulations and reporting requirements for businesses

  • Improve social rights for the self-employed, such as sickness benefits and pensions

Vote Venstre for Oslo

Oslo stands out as the only major city in Norway. The differences are greater, but also the diversity. The challenges are greater, but so are the opportunities. Our goal is freedom and opportunities for all, regardless of their starting point.

We will:

  • Stop punishing people for drug use

  • Say no to new giant hospital at Gaustad and preserve Ullevål hospital

  • Increase the fundings for Oslo’s public transport projects

  • Build high-speed rail to Europe

  • Remove the equity requirement for first-time buyers

  • Repeal the Sex Purchase Act

A vote for the Venstre is a vote for freedom and community.

Venstre is running for a blue-green government. We believe the best solutions are found in the liberal center, not the outer left or outer right.

Norway needs a government that continues to focus on knowledge, reforms, and entrepreneurship. At the same time, we need a greener course, and a policy that includes everyone.

At a time when liberal values are under great pressure, both in Norway and in the rest of the world, a party for freedom and community is needed, that stands up against simple populist solutions.

When you choose Venstre, you are a part of and support liberal values.

I hope you will join the team.

Guri Melby
1. Candidate for Parliament og party leader for Venstre


Read our election program here (in Norwegian) and se our candidates here.